VP of Operations, Director of Dig the Beach Volleyball

VP of Creative Design, Web Management, and Photography

Katty began her working life as an intern for a New Jersey magazine. She had the opportunity to work for all the magazine’s creative departments, but was particularly interested in the Design and Photography. In college Katty decided to change her major to Computer Electronics because she sensed computers were the wave of the future.

VP of Finance & Registration Manager

Attended University of Toledo, with a degree in Marketing, with a Minor in Accounting. Moved down to Florida with her husband Joe and two children, Samantha (15) and Alex (9), in 1995. Started working For Exclusive Sports Marketing as a part-time bookkeeper in April of ’99, and gradually became more involved. Linda is interested in…

CEO and Sales Manager

Born and raised in New York City, and a graduate of the University of Virginia. Matt worked in the trenches of Wall Street for 10 years before looking for a change of lifestyle and greener pastures. This and more has been discovered in the lush state of Florida. Always one to take on new challenges…