Recreational sporting events have exploded in popularity over the past 10 years.  Many companies and charities utilize events to generate brand awareness and incremental income.  Launching an event is no guarantee of success, but Exclusive Sports Marketing is available to provide its 30 years of experience in planning and implementing successful event platforms.  When meeting with potential clients we are honest and humble in communicating that “our job is to help you avoid the mistakes that we have made through the years.” Experience is not making the same mistake twice.

Clients look to ESM to provide Consulting and Event Management.  Our Consulting endeavors will coach the client along the way.  Some clients prefer to handle the work of pulling permits, marketing, event set-up, equipment rental, etc. on their own.  We help in pointing them in the right direction and providing insight as to what is required for a successful event.  In other cases, a client may not have the manpower to handle the operations and management of an event.  ESM is available to take on the Event Management role and deliver a turnkey event to the client.  As the Event Manager, we will pull the appropriate venue permits, assist in the marketing efforts to draw participants to the event, rent equipment, hire subcontractors for various event tasks, and be on-hand during the event to manage the production.

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