Our Mission is to manage the most exciting and challenging, recreational, lifestyle sporting events in the country and meet the passion of our athletes, while delivering a substantial return on investment to corporate partners and sponsors.

About Exclusive Sports Marketing

Exclusive Sports Marketing was born on the beaches of South Florida in 1986.  Initially, ESM promoted and managed a small three-race triathlon program, but growth quickly followed with the addition of Running and Beach Volleyball events.  Over the past 30 years we have hosted in excess of 500 events.  Today, Exclusive Sports Marketing and the events we promote, manage, and implement, fill a very important sports niche catering to all types of athletes and sporting fans.  In a given year over 100,000 athletes and spectators attend our events.  ESM is a year-round sports marketing and event management company.  Events and Marketing, that is our passion and expertise.

Presently ESM owns and manages upwards of 20 events in a given year, primarily in the sports disciplines of Running and Beach Volleyball.  These two areas have become our niche and competitive strengths.  We strive to provide the best in class in each category.  In addition to the events that we own, ESM provides Consulting and Event Management to corporate clients and charities.  Over the past year we have aided in bringing an event vision to life for upwards of 6 clients.

A key to the success of ESM has been the ability to attract and maintain top corporate partners and sponsors.  Over the years, Exclusive Sports Marketing has worked with notable corporate sponsors such as: Publix Supermarkets, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Anheuser-Busch, Gatorade, Toyota, Aetna Healthcare, Nike, Cleveland Clinic Florida,  just to name a few.  Whether a big or small company, we work hard to meet or exceed the goals of our sponsors.

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CEO and Sales Manager

Born and raised in New York City, and a graduate of the University of Virginia. Matt worked in the trenches of Wall Street for 10 years before looking for a change of lifestyle and greener pastures. This and more has been discovered in the lush state of Florida. Always one to take on new challenges…

VP of Finance & Registration Manager

Attended University of Toledo, with a degree in Marketing, with a Minor in Accounting. Moved down to Florida with her husband Joe and two children, Samantha (15) and Alex (9), in 1995. Started working For Exclusive Sports Marketing as a part-time bookkeeper in April of ’99, and gradually became more involved. Linda is interested in…

VP of Creative Design, Web Management, and Photography

Katty began her working life as an intern for a New Jersey magazine. She had the opportunity to work for all the magazine’s creative departments, but was particularly interested in the Design and Photography. In college Katty decided to change her major to Computer Electronics because she sensed computers were the wave of the future.

VP of Operations, Director of Dig the Beach Volleyball